Janet Gust Design Group

Houston-based interior designer, Janet Gust, founded Janet Gust Design Group in 1995 and developed it into an award-winning luxury design firm. Janet graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is an Allied ASID member of the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter. Janet brings over 25 years of experience in interior design, renovation, and new construction in both residential and commercial interiors. Her forté is creating spaces that adapt to her clients’ individual lifestyles and personality types.



Janet started her career in remodeling and multi-family commercial housing projects before moving to residential design. Her passion is to create and design spaces and furniture that fit each individual lifestyle and personality. Janet loves starting with a ground-up project and collaborating with her clients and team from the beginning. She also enjoys renovating a house that starts with great bones and transforming it into a modern-day residence. Working with talented artisans, both locally and nationally, to complete projects ensures that her clients receive high quality, one-of-a-kind designs.

Janet’s process includes meeting the client to learn their individual needs and working together to develop a design that fits those needs. Her biggest accomplishment is not always the look of a space but rather how a client feels when in the space. Janet ensures her clients’ priorities, such as comfort and usability, match their custom design. When Janet translates a client’s vision and lifestyle needs all the way through to the finished project, both the client and Janet are happy, and the project is an unmatched success.

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