Casa Maria Designs


We work with the best Furniture and Textiles brands as well as leading brands in Lighting and Home Accents. We employ the finest artists and craftsmen to ensure the finest quality to the end product. Nowadays, thanks to the advances in technology, we are able to offer our consulting services online and work with our clients at a distance if needed.



Casa Maria Designs offers an eclectic and unique style of home interiors through its founder’s influence of South American aesthetics and European heritage. Maria Hidalgo-Ferretti has designed spaces for her international clientele for over 15 years. Maria began her work in South America where the style of life still requires a blending of formality with functionality, collaborating in many of her projects with leading architects. The main objective of Casa Maria Designs is to offer its clients an alternative of design that goes beyond the creation of living spaces, into spaces of art that up-lift the senses as well as the spirit of its occupants.


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