Archway Gallery opened for business on April 1, 1976. It was the creation of a group of artists that had decided the time was right to take artistic control of the process of selling art. Archway’s first location was in the C.G. Jung Center at 5200 Montrose, which had a 600 sq-ft gallery space. The gallery’s name was derived from the arches in this space. From the start, Archway was conceived as an artist-owned gallery – it would be owned and operated by the artists who would take complete responsibility for the operation of the business. New members would buy shares in the business. (The original members also had to buy a track light head as part of the agreement!) Initially, Archway had 11 members: Elaine Adams, June Adler, Judy Bush, Mary Bush, Joan Calabro, Dorothy English, Joyce Gould, Janet Hassinger, Marianne Hornbuckle, Stephanie Nadolski, and John Zanders.

Archway Gallery

2305 Dunlavy

Houston, Texas 77006



Phone: 713-522-2409



“I cannot begin to count the ways Archway contributed to my entire artistic professional career. The artists who were there for support and inspiration and the loyal clients that became our friends added many layers of dimension to my personal and professional growth.”

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